We have treaded the path you are in now

We have first-hand experience of the difficulties the confusions give birth to about the career path, choices, comparison etc. These difficulties become obstacles for lifetime if not addressed at right time. We are here all-ear for you, relax!

Prime Career – Take a leap in your career

Prime Career is a team of Career Consultants for candidates ranging from under-graduates, graduates, post-graduates, doctoral & post-doctoral to working professionals, mid-career employees, veterans across industries. We believe that it’s a prime period for candidates from their early 20s to late 40s. Beginning of your career, growth in your career path, change of industry, switch to an all-new sector in high demand like AI, ML, Data Science, everything is important. A decision that you make in these two decades will have an impact on the same two decades and many more decades down the lane. Such a decision not only affects you but also your family, the organization you are working for and the industry you are a part of. You can make it count. You have all the qualities to create a ripple effect around and be disruptive. We are here just to be your friend who can mentor you to make the right decisions at the right times.

How do we know what is right for whom? From Sales to Mechanical Engineering, from HR to Economics, we are a highly diversified team. We are here with extensive research and development of solutions for your requirements. We don’t serve in bits and pieces. We provide holistic solutions. You don’t have to run around and keep browsing. You have visited Prime Career, you have done it all.

At Prime Career, you will Make a Right Career Choice!

We are Career Consultants

we help you make a right decision at the right time

We are a team of professionals united with a passion to share our knowledge and guide those who are stuck in any phase of their career with a task to make a decision on career choices. We do online consultation with the candidates. Prime Career will enable you to make the right decision at the right time. During the consultation, we will provide you with the latest opportunities created across sectors, based on your field of study and interest.

Experienced and Expert Consultants


Prime Career is pillared by a diverse team of experienced professionals whose collective goal is to extend a helping hand to the candidates needing consultation on career choices. As a team, we think that making the right decision at the right time and equipping oneself for the journey up the ladder in one’s career is essential. We don’t decide for you. We enable you to make a right decision and only then will you stand by your decision.

How can you avail Consultation

Consultation by experts via video conference

Book a consultation by providing your basic details and the area in which you need consultation. Based on the field of consultation you need, an Expert Consultant will be assigned for you and the link will be shared for Online Consultation.