Arts is that stream which can be called an evergreen stream that has given stalwarts in various fields. Under Arts, you will study subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economics etc. You will get to learn about Economics under both Arts and Commerce. When it comes to the job opportunities, the popular opinion is that there are limited opportunities. But the opportunities that an Arts student are unique and the fundamental ones. One popular opinion about the stream of Arts is that those who excel in Arts reach very high positions in the organization hierarchy. If you consider the syllabus of Civil Services Examination, the exam which is considered as the mother of all examinations in India, majority of the subjects are under Arts.


The exchange of products and services between individuals and businesses is referred to as commerce. Commerce, along with Science and the Arts, is regarded as one of the most popular fields of study in academia. Business, trade, accounting, financial information/transactions, and merchandising are all facets of commerce. By promoting trade between nations or inside a country, commerce plays an important role in the development of nations and their populations.


You might have heard many versions and perspectives of this stream when you are tasked with deciding which stream to opt for. Science is hard. Science has less theory and more practical. Science is that. Science is this. We do have a perspective. But, at Prime Career, our aim is to let you know about the stream and help you build your own perspective of the streams. Only then will you be able to make a decision and stand by your decision.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the basic building blocks of of Science.