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Startups get the edge over corporates in hiring talents amid the ‘Great Resignation’ era

Startups are unique as they have an inherently entrepreneurial environment where people not only have freedom of thought and action but also the ability to contribute more. Companies including UpGrad, Meesho, and PhonePe offer incentives such as more frequent promotion cycles, movement across teams, parental leaves, mental health breaks, and more. Read More

An ageing workforce could become India Inc’s Achilles heel

As per CMIE estimates, 42% of India’s workforce in 2016-17 was in their forties and fifties and this had risen to 51% by 2019-20 and to 57% by 2021-22. Further, 17% of India’s labor force in 2016-17 was of the 15-24 years age bracket but this has dropped to 13% by 2021-22 as youngsters have delayed joining the labor market either because of lack of adequate jobs or opting for higher studies. Read more

The top 10 industries job-seekers want to work in right now, according to new research

It’s a comment you have probably heard at least once before, whether it was from a friend, a roommate, a stranger on Twitter or a co-worker who just submitted their two weeks’ notice: It has never been easier to switch jobs. Read more