National Test Agency Clears Approval- Set to Conduct CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams

By | December 23, 2017

National Test Agency Clears Approval- Set to Conduct CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams

CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams:- 

The Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of new test-conducting body, the National Testing Agency (NTA). The newly established body is expected to take over and conduct all the entrance and eligibility exams, presently conducted by CBSE.

CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams


Information About The CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams

Some of the most prominent entrance examinations under CBSE are Joint Entrance Test (JEE), University Grant Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET), Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and entrance test for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams the decision has created certain doubts amongst the aspirants of these examinations. So let us address these doubts, one at time.


Why NTA?

The move to establish an agency for such prominent exams is really a big one. The most obvious reason behind the decision include better efficiency and control in exam.

Another major reason is to relieve CBSE from unnecessary burden. CBSE, which is probably the biggest education board of the country, already has 18000 schools under it to look after.

To keep control on this humongous number of schools and to introduce new and relevant changes in the education system of the country is not an easy task. CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams performs that while also managing these national level exams.


Set to Conduct CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams

So basically, CBSE was acting as two bodies rather than one. Firstly, it is a body that control the schools, implements national level school education policies, creates & updates the curriculum of schools and conducts board exams. Secondly, it is responsible for preparing question papers, releasing notices, managing applications and for conducting exams such as UGC-NET and JEE.

Fulfilling these dual roles was never easy and that’s why the cabinet has brought in NTA.

Along with these, as we have already mentioned, bringing a specialist agency for conducting exams will definitely increase the efficiency. CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams we can expect an even better management of these entrances.


What does it mean for UGC NET aspirants?

NTA will be conducting UGC NET exam twice in a year, just like it was happening usually. But a big change for these aspirants is that all the exams conducted by NTA will be conducted online. So till now, candidates used to mark their answers in the OMR sheet. However, it is not going to remain the same now. The exam will be conducted in the online mode CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams.

The establishment of NTA has been officially confirmed.   However, its methods of operation and what other changes it is going to bring in have not been defined yet and therefore it is not wise to comment about it. So for now, just be ready to face an online paper.


How will NTA bring transparency in exams?

As previously discussed, no information regarding the operational methods or other changes that NTA is going to bring in these exams is available. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to estimate that how will it bring more transparency in exams.


Benefits of NTA

NTA certainly poses a lot of new positive expectations and benefits for candidates. It can also bring some new, much awaited changes in many exams. So let us take a look at the benefits that comes with NTA.


A more standardized system of applications

Since everything will come under one central agency, it is quite possible that there will be more streamlined and standardized process of application. You can definitely expect the application system to get easier than before CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams.


All these exams will be conducted twice

UGC NET is already conducted twice a year so it won’t make any difference for it. But exams such as JEE and NEET are conducted once in a year and are immensely competitive. So if these are conducted twice then they can give huge relief to students.


All these exams will be conducted online

Till now some of these exams were conducted only offline whereas some provided the option of choosing offline or online mode. But after NTA all of these will be conducted only in online mode.

Online format provides many benefits such as no wastage of paper, more standardization, no printing errors. Also, in online mode you need not waste time on filling the circles. Thus, getting all the exams online is another benefit of NTA.


Standard level of difficulty of exams

With a specialized agency for exams, we can expect a standard level of difficulty in exam. Although these exams already are very good in terms of difficulty and level of questions, but in future, we can expect even further improvements.


CBSE will be able to focus on its core functions

Well, it might not be a benefit for the current aspirants, but definitely for the upcoming ones. As CBSE will be relieved from this additional pressure, it will be able to focus completely on its core functions and will definitely make the education system better CBSE UGC NET & other CBSE Exams.


However, the final word is still due and till it’s out, let’s just focus on preparing for these entrances in accordance with the declared and expected changes. Good Luck!

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