Meet The First Voter Of India Who Is All Set To Cast His Vote Even At The Age Of 100

By | November 8, 2017

Meet The First Voter Of India Who Is All Set To Cast

His Vote Even At The Age Of 100


He is as excited as he was when he voted for the first time!

The Himachal Pradesh legislature election, 2017 is regular to be survived nine Gregorian calendar month 2017. This year the vote procedure goes to witness one thing that we tend to all should be happy with. A national named Shyam thermoplastic resin Negi is a hundred, and he’s equipped to forged his votes this year. Why am I discussing him? It’s as a result of he is not solely the oldest citizen of Himachal Pradesh however additionally the primary citizen of freelance Bharat.

Shyam Islamic Community is as excited to forged this vote as he was once he voted for the terribly 1st time in 1951. Since that year, he has been balloting actively in each election that has taken place.

He is the first voter of independent India.

Facts and evidence show that Himachal Pradesh’s first ever elections took place in the month of October. Shyam Ji was the first person to cast his vote during that time.

Residents of Himachal were given first preference.

Although the elections usually take place in February, residents were given a chance to vote early because weather conditions were not favourable in February and people were advised not to step out of the house during that time.

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Shyam Ji didn’t know that he is creating a record.

Negi was excited when he got a chance to vote, but he was not aware of the fact that he is creating a record that the entire nation is going to remember forever.

Perks are given to him so that he can vote… 

Negi has been voting for a really long time. But, now his age is a serious issue when it comes to visiting the poll. This year a separate vehicle is going to take him to his destination so that he can vote comfortably.

At 100, he will be casting his vote at Kalpa, over 200 km from state capital Shimla.

He will be welcomed at polling booth…

Various officials and other noteworthy people are going to welcome him. This year around 7,521 VVPAT voting machines will be installed so that people can vote easily.


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